Supportive Services

The Alice G. Winn & Family Heritage House is committed to the highest standard of living for our residents. Our on-site Enhanced Supportive Services Program and Wellness Center provides a range of community-based programs, support and services in health, the arts, nutrition and recreation with the goal of helping residents to maintain their independence so they continue to be active members of the community. Working in partnership with Elder Services of Merrimack Valley, the Program provides on-site nursing care through the Heritage House Wellness Center and a full-time community coordinator focused on building engaging programming, education, and coordinating care for residents. Each day, residents have an opportunity to participate in community programs like healthy living workshops, nutrition and cooking classes, fitness instruction, digital literacy training, community gardening and many more, all from the comfort and convenience of their home.

  • On-Site Nursing
  • Healthcare Management
  • Family Caregiver Support
  • Healthy Living Workshops
  • Nutrition Education
  • Physical Therapy Coordination

On-Site Nursing: Through the Heritage House Wellness Center, we provide on-site nursing care for resident consultation by appointment or drop-in. This provides an opportunity for at-home healthcare services, health and prescription consultation, general consultation when residents need it and many more valuable services.

Healthcare Management: Through our full-time community coordinator, residents at Heritage House are assisted in healthcare navigation and management with a wide array of offered services, education and activities. From benefits assessments and enrollment to appointment planning and referrals, our team is focused on supporting access to and utilization of the highest quality healthcare for our residents.

Family Caregiver Support: Our on-site team will aid in providing education, information, referrals and support for both live-in aids and family members who are assuming responsibility for partial or full care of their loved one.

Healthy Living Workshops: On-site community workshops offering education of the prevention and management of both chronic diseases and other health care concerns. Digital literacy and technology programs offered to aid residents in navigating today’s digitally driven world.

Nutrition Education: The Wellness Center team will provide informational and educational programs surrounding proper nutrition. Support provided to register in local assistance programs. Weekly Coffee & Tea Hour.

Physical Therapy Coordination: The Heritage House Fitness Center is equipped with age-appropriate equipment that is conducive to rehabilitation, physical and occupational therapy. Senior friendly programs include general exercise training and education.

* Services including but not limited to those described above. Services are subject to change as the needs of our residents change.